Properties of Barium Cerate Thin Films Formed Using E-Beam Deposition

Monica Susana Campos Covarrubias, Mantas Sriubas, Kristina Bockute, Piotr Winiarz, Tadeusz Miruszewski, Wojciech Skubida, Daniel Jaworski, Michał Bartmański, Marek Szkodo, Maria Gazda, Giedrius Laukaitis
2020 Crystals  
This article focuses on the properties of the BaCeO3 thin films formed by electron-beam vapor deposition and investigates the formation of barium cerates on supports with different thermal expansion coefficients (Stainless Steel, Invar, Glass Sealing, and Inconel substrates) and the influence of the technological parameters on the properties of the formed thin films with an emphasis on the stability of the films. Morphology and phase composition and mechanical and electrical properties were
more » ... properties were investigated. It was found that the main factors influencing the phase composition and morphology of the films are the temperature of the support and the deposition rate. However, the mechanical properties of the films are mostly influenced by strains introduced to thin films by using different supports. Two interesting features of the electrical properties of the studied strained films were noticed: the film with the highest in-plane tensile strain showed the lowest activation energy of total conductivity, whereas the film with the lowest strain showed the highest value of total conductivity.
doi:10.3390/cryst10121152 fatcat:qkh6pgutmvhl3nl3fghkrqelfm