Anti-Tampering Device for Residential Energy Meter

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
In this study, an energy meter anti-theft device is designed in order to detect fully or partially-earthed tampering in energy meter of residential areas which contributes to non-technical loss (NTL). The device notifies the power company through Short Message Service (SMS) when it detects tampering from a particular residential area. The device detects tampering through the reading of the two current sensors that are connected to a microcontroller. The power company will get notified when one
more » ... notified when one of the current sensors detects current while the other one has not or there is a difference from the reading of the two current sensors. From the testing conducted using the device, the result shows that the system is reliable in identifying the tampering in fully earthed condition and partially earthed condition. Moreover, the system also notifies the authority with an average time of 17.61 seconds. Upon notification, the power company can immediately disconnect the service line with an average of 20.71 seconds. When the problem is settled the power company can reconnect the line for an average of 7.6 seconds. The accuracy of the device in terms of sending notifications, receiving the commands, and cutting the service lines is 100 percent.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.c6247.118419 fatcat:j4u3wnndd5glbpd44nvjoaf7we