Fan, Fußballfan, kibic i pseudokibic jako funkcjonalne ekwiwalenty z perspektywy kookurencji w języku niemieckim i polskim

Janusz Taborek
2022 Conversatoria Linguistica  
The aim of the paper is to establish the functional equivalence between the terms 'football fan' in German and Polish. Functional equivalence presupposes that lexemes occur in the two languages in a convergent syntagmatic environment. The analysis of co-occurring lexemes will be based on establishing the correlations of German units using the DWDS Wortprofil tool and the DWDS corpus, and for the Polish language – WordSketch and the plTenTen corpus. Detailed analysis and comparisons of
more » ... nce (co-occurring adjective and verb groups with the highest frequency are analysed according to their syntactic functions and semantic groups) allows for establishing partial equivalence between the analysed lexemes and to state that the German terms 'Fan' and 'Fußballfan' cover the meaning of the neutral lexeme 'kibic' as well as the meaning of the lexeme 'pseudokibic' with negative connotations
doi:10.34739/clg.2021.13.06 fatcat:q67ka4e525bitay4gzznst3lwe