Mistry Bhavinkumar, Prof Dhiren Bhagat
2015 unpublished
A wireless sensor network use sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions. In today's environment deployment density increasing and size shrinking of wireless sensor nodes which implies the smaller amount of energy. That's why to compete in today's environment energy utilization must be there to increase the wireless sensor network life time One solution for enhancing the lifetime of wireless sensor network is to utilize mobile agents (software agent). In this paper an agent-based
more » ... proach that performs data processing and data aggregation decisions locally i.e., at nodes rather than bringing data back to a central processor (sink). this approach increases the network lifetime by generating an optimal routing path for mobile agents to transverse the network. The approach consists of two phases. In the first phase, Dijkstra's algorithm is used to generate a complete graph to connect all source nodes in a WSN. In the second phase, a genetic algorithm is used to generate the best-approximated route for mobile agents in a radio harsh environment to route the sensory data to the base-station