An Effective Peer-to-Peer Web Caching System under Dynamic Participation of Peers

2005 IEICE transactions on communications  
Peer-to-peer (P2P) web caching has been studied recently as it can exploit local caches of peers for web caching without additional infrastructure. However, dynamic join/leave behaviors or local caching strategies of the peers due to their autonomy in a P2P network may limit the performance of P2P web caching. To overcome these limitations, we propose an effective directory-based P2P web caching system under dynamic participation of peers. We introduce the object lifetime in a P2P network
more » ... ering the lifetimes of both an object in the local cache of a peer and a peer who owns the object, and utilize this object lifetime information for neighbor selection and storage management in the P2P web caching framework. For the neighbor selection, the proposed system utilizes the object lifetimes in selecting accurately a neighbor who would still retain the requested object and still remain in the P2P network. To improve the storage management, the proposed system uses efficiently the entire cache storage of the P2P network in such a way that the object is stored selectively in the local cache of the peer who requested it, considering the object lifetime. The trace-driven simulation results show that the proposed system has higher accuracy and fewer redirection failures than the conventional directory-based P2P web caching system in the feasible P2P network. key words: peer-to-peer system, web caching, internet system, world wide web Young-Suk Ryu
doi:10.1093/ietcom/e88-b.4.1476 fatcat:n6pq4stc75f7rnnvy2bsxc3qqu