Progressive failure analysis of slope water damage based on improved Green-Ampt infiltration model [post]

Bin Chen, Qingyang Ren, Feifei Wang, Renkun Zhang, Beilei Liu, Yanping Jia
2021 unpublished
In order to get the law of rainwater infiltration and the law of progressive water damage, the slope of Tianshang bridge foundation in Yunnan Province is taken as the engineering basis. The site investigation of the damaged slope is carried out, The traditional Green-Ampt model is improved by considering the ponding effect of dynamic water flow on the slope surface. Based on the variation characteristics of wetting front obtained by the improved infiltration model, the progressive failure
more » ... ssive failure process of slope with continuous infiltration is simulated by FLAC3D software. The results show that: the water damage of Tianshang bridge slope is mainly caused by the slope absorbing a lot of rainwater in a short time, which has obvious time discontinuity characteristics in time, and shows obvious multi-layer progressive failure characteristics in failure space. The wetting front characteristics obtained by the improved Green-Ampt infiltration model are more consistent with the engineering practice, the water accumulation effect of surface water gradually weakens with the increase of the wet front depth. the slope failure develops gradually from the toe to the top and from shallow to deep, and the intermittent failure characteristics provide surplus time for the engineering treatment, the gravel soil slope should be treated after a small-scale water damage occurs.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:6tu6mgdyizeqdbthjnxkn2trym