Compact Range Detection Sensor by Oscillation Frequency Deviation of an Active Antenna
능동안테나의 발진주파수 편이에 의한 소형 거리 센서

Gi-Ho Yun
2011 The Journal of the Korean Institute of Information and Communication Engineering  
In this paper, a compact doppler sensor with oscillator type active antenna operating at 2.4GHz frequency band is proposed to measure the distance to a moving object. The oscillation frequency is shifted depending on approaching of the object, and a detection circuit discriminates the frequency deviation. The active antenna has been designed and simulated. The prototype fabricated has a small circular disk type of diameter 30mm and height 4.2mm. As for antenna performance, broadside radiation
more » ... ttern with beamwidth of 120° and oscillation frequency of 2.35GHz has been measured. Test results as a range sensor shows that signal voltage of about 240mV has been obtained for conducting plate moving 1 meter away from the sensor. And, signal voltage has been linearly increased to the ground from 5m height by free-falling the sensor. 키워드 도플러 센서, 능동안테나, 발진기, 주파수 편이
doi:10.6109/jkiice.2011.15.3.528 fatcat:qxqol4twuzhsredyufvjatny2a