A Study of the Short Term Effects of Faradarmani on the Frequency and Severity of Asthma Attacks

Mohammad Ali Taheri, Soroush Azemikhah, Ghasem Azimi, Ali Davati, Sara Saie Joeghan, Fatemeh Ashrafi-Amineh
2013 International Journal of Social Science and Humanity  
Objective: In this study, the short term effects of Faradarmani -an Iranian complementary and alternative medicine which is based on the theory of "Consciousness Bond of the Parts"-is examined on the frequency and severity of Asthma attacks. Method: 84 Asthma patients (lottery) with less than one year since diagnosis were randomly selected and divided into two groups of 42 (control and test). Spirometry was taken from both groups. The control group continued their conventional medicine
more » ... l medicine treatment without the intervention of the research group. In addition to routine medicine treatment, the test group was put through Faradarmani treatment. Spirometry was repeated at the end of each month. Length of this research project was three months. Collected data was analyzed after twelve weeks. Results: In the third month of treatment, total number of severe and medium cases had reached 4.8% (1.8-11 .3) in test group and 11.9% (1.8-21.9) in control group. (21.3% decline in test, 14.3% decline in control group). The coefficient of decrease in the test group is 1.49. Decline of application of spray in the test group was 3.2 (2.18-4.19) times. Conclusion: Faradarmani had a considerable affect on the decline of the severity and frequency of Asthma attacks on patients. Index Terms-Asthma, complementary and alternative medicine, Faradarmani, short term affect.
doi:10.7763/ijssh.2013.v3.276 fatcat:wstdb25elbf3deonzjoda3l544