Adaptive Consensus of Distributed Varying Scale Wireless Sensor Networks under Tolerable Jamming Attacks

Jinping Mou
2013 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Consensus problem is investigated for a varying scale wireless sensor network (VSWSN) under tolerable jamming attacks, where the scale of the network is increasing or decreasing due to the newly joined nodes or the removed nodes, respectively; the tolerable jamming attack means that the attack strength is limited. It supposes that during the communications, all nodes may encounter with the tolerable jamming attacks; when the attack power is larger than the given value, the attacked nodes fall
more » ... tacked nodes fall asleep, or otherwise the nodes are awakened. Under the sleep method, based on the Lyapunov method, it shows that if the communicating graph is the global limited intersectional connection (GLI connection) and the system has the enough dwell time in the intersectional topology, then under the designed consensus protocol, all nodes achieve the global average consensus.
doi:10.1155/2013/931934 fatcat:zxb2r6fuofeevgbap76k5jausu