The LFV decays Bd,s0 → eμ(eτ,μτ) with one neutral singlet scalar

Ke-Sheng Sun, Xiu-Yi Yang
2018 Modern Physics Letters A  
Taking account of the constraint from radiative two body decays l_i→ l_jγ, we investigate the Lepton Flavor Violation decays B^0_q→l̅_̅l̅l_k in the framework of the minimal extension of the Standard Model with one neutral singlet scalar. The couplings C_eμ, C_eτ and C_μτ between the different generation leptons and scalar S^0 are constrained by the current bounds of l_i→ l_jγ. The numerical results show that the theoretical prediction of B^0_q→l̅_̅l̅l_k strongly depend on the couplings C_qb
more » ... or s) between down type quarks and new scalar. The contributions from couplings C_uc, C_ut and C_ct between up type quark and new scalar are less dominant.
doi:10.1142/s0217732318502140 fatcat:7spubk5hx5fu7his34k5ax5e5i