Performance and Life Tests of a Regenerative Blower for EVA Suit Ventilation

Michael Izenson, Weibo Chen, John McCormick, Heather Paul, Mallory Jennings
2012 42nd International Conference on Environmental Systems   unpublished
Ventilation fans for future space suits must meet demanding performance specifications, satisfy stringent safety requirements for operation in an oxygen atmosphere, and be able to increase output to operate in buddy mode. A regenerative blower is an attractive choice due to its ability to meet these requirements at low operating speed. This paper describes progress in the development and testing of a regenerative blower designed to meet requirements for ventilation subsystems in future space
more » ... in future space suits. The blower includes a custom-designed motor that has significantly improved its efficiency. We have measured the blower's head/flow performance and power consumption under conditions that simulate both the normal and buddy mode operating points. We have operated the blower for TBD hours and demonstrated safe operation in an oxygen test loop at prototypical pressures. We also demonstrated operation with simulated lunar dust. II. Requirements The blower must force ventilation gas through the space suit pressure garment, then through a series of components in the PLSS that remove CO 2 , water vapor, and heat ( Figure 1 ). The ventilation gas must flow through 1 Principal Engineer, P.O. Box 71, Senior Member of AIAA.
doi:10.2514/6.2012-3460 fatcat:wls2mftwifblvdnlryalwzypaa