The Effects of Lecture and Multimodal Methods of Teaching on Healing Rate of Diabetic Foot Ulcer and Patients\' Compliance with Care Recommendations

Adib-Hajbaghery M, Alinaghipoor T
2012 نشریه پرستاری ایران  
and Aim: Some patients with diabetes do not follow the foot care recommendations. Methods of patient education may affect the rate of compliance and ulcer healing. The present study aimed to compare the effects of teaching by lecture and multimodal method on compliance with foot care recommendations and healing of diabetic foot ulcers in kashan city, during 2011. Material ;Methods : A controlled clinical trial was conducted on three groups (n=60) (including teaching by lecture, teaching by
more » ... modal method, and control group) of diabetic patients with foot ulcers who had been referred to the Kashan's Beheshti hospital. The two intervention groups were taught by similar content. After three months, the surface and the depth of ulcers and the patients' rate of compliance with recommendations were evaluated (by observing the ulcers and using a daily foot care checklist). Data analysis was done by t-test, paired t test, ANOVA, ANCOVA and Chi-square using SPSS-PC (v. 11.5). (Trial Registration Number: IRCT138901143618N1) Results : Ulcers surface and depth were significantly decreased in all groups after the intervention (p<0.05) . However the decrease was more prominent in educated groups and especially in multimodal group. The mean score for compliance with foot care recommendations was 66.4±9.3 in lecture group and 79.6±7.4 in the multimodal group (p=0.009). Conclusion : It is recommended that multimodal patient teaching be integrated in the health care system to empower the diabetic patients to manage their own foot ulcers. Repeating the study considering other factors affecting the healing of foot ulcers is also suggested. Received: 21 May 2012 Accepted: 5 Aug 2012
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