Preparation of Titanium Oxide-Fibrous Zeolite Y Catalyst for Desulfurization of Fuel

A. A. A. Mutalib, N. F. Jaafar, T. A. M. Torlaema, N. Salamun
2022 Journal of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biotechnology  
In this study, TiO2 supported on fibrous Zeolite Y (FY) was synthesized via ultrasonic co-impregnation for desulfurization of dibenzothiophene (DBT). The physicochemical properties of the prepared TiO2/FY were characerized by XRD and TEM. Next, to determine the efficiency capacity of TiO2/FY in the fuel desulfurization process, several photocatalytic tests with different parameters including time (0 – 180 min), TiO2/FY dosage (0.1 - 5 g/L), initial pH (2 - 8), and initial concentration (50 –
more » ... mg/L) were conducted accordingly. A high DBT removal (87%) was successfully accomplished at the optimum conditions of 5 g/L TiO2/FY, pH 8, and 300 mg/L, which may be contributed from the fibrous structure as recorded by TEM and high crystallinity from the XRD analysis. It can be concluded that the TiO2/FY own great potential to be applied as an efficient material for the fuel desulphurization.
doi:10.15282/jceib.v8i2.8900 fatcat:oh2vr5uvhfby3bxybxudzbh6pu