2020 "EСONOMY. FINANСES. MANAGEMENT: Topical issues of science and practical activity"  
The article deals with the scientific-theoretical approaches of scientists to the definition of "rural territories". It is stated that the formulation will depend on the assessment of rural areas as a platform for economic, social, environmental, etc. development, methodological approaches to the diagnosis of its condition and the choice of management technologies to form an effective mechanism for rural development. The legal base on the interpretation of the concept of "rural territory" is
more » ... lyzed and the assumption is made regarding the maximum population of the village. Based on the elaborated sources, the author defines the author's definition of the category "rural territories" as a complex, dynamic, open socio-ecological-economic system. As a result of the considered components of the complex analysis of the state of rural territories, the algorithm of study of rural territories and the main indicators characterizing the level of development of social infrastructure, the main blocks of integrated assessment of rural territories are identified. status and analysis of financial security. Indicators, indices and criteria by which scientists evaluate the level of rural development are analyzed. It has been established that a GDP index should be present in the development of a rural development index, but a set of indicators related to the individual and the environment should play a major role. The author proposes indicators that should be included in the integrated indicator of rural development, which are grouped into four components: economic, environmental, social and demographic. It is assumed that this approach will provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the phenomena and processes occurring in rural areas; will identify attractors of their development; identify areas that can be corrected and change the rural development masters.
doi:10.37128/2411-4413-2020-1-15 fatcat:x5lrsa3gmndwnfgcsmzax6tb7q