Effect of ion adsorption on the electrokinetic properties of erythrocytes

S A Tatulian, A N Tulupov, E V Polishchuk
1988 General Physiology and Biophysics  
The microelectrophoresis technique was used to determine the dependence of human erythrocyte surface potential on the concentration of various cations and anions. The interpretation of the results is based on the Gouy--Chapman--Stern theory. Values of pK, characterizing the binding of ions to the external surface of erythrocytes, as well as numbers of binding sites per unit area were determined. The affinities of ions for the red cell membrane were shown to decrease in the sequence: H+ greater
more » ... han Ca2+ greater than Sr2+ greater than Mg2+ greater than Ba2+ greater than Li+ greater than Na+ congruent to congruent to K+ congruent to NH4+ and trinitrophenol greater than IO4- greater than CIO4- greater than salicylate congruent to I- greater than greater than SCN- greater than H2PO4- greater than Br- greater than Cl- greater than HPO4(2-). Changes in the ionic strength of the medium resulted in changes in numbers of exposed ion-binding sites. This phenomenon is interpreted in terms of ionic strength-dependent structural transformations of the cell surface coat.
pmid:3240857 fatcat:6fnf2ixakbfa5e3h7a7ivapndq