S041022 Fabrication of AlN Pars by Vibrational Compaction of Slurries and Milliwave Sintering
S041022 振動成形法とミリ波焼結法を組み合わせた高熱伝導性AlN部品の創成

Hiroyuki Y.SUZUKI, Takashi UENO
2012 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
ln recent years, AIN attractS attentions as heat sink materia 且 s f()r discrete semiconductOr devices becausc AIN has the characteristics necessary for heat sink . But it can ' t be formed eompLex shape by net shape . So wc 衂 to cstablish mass production technology ofsintcred AIN parts having high thermal conducting and complex shape by vibrational compaction process and milliwave sintering. The f 士 equency ofvibration and the amplitUde is control] ed as fセ equency condition . The compaction is
more » ... evaluated by measuring sedimentation speed , compaction speed and relative density . As a resul ち compaction speed and particle filling rate arc improved by the molding method . But compaction speed is improved by minute vibration
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2012._s041022-1 fatcat:z2qd4ow25bfobay23ule5dqxdq