Characterization of the surface topography and nano-hardness of Cu/Ni multilayer structures

Edyta Kulej, Barbara Kucharska, Grzegorz Pyka, Monika Gwoździk
2011 Open Physics  
AbstractThis article describes the results of a study of Cu/Ni multilayer coatings applied on a monocrystalline Si(100) silicon substrate by the deposition magnetron sputtering technique. Composed of 100 bilayers each, the multilayers were differentiated by the Ni sublayer thickness (1.2 to 3 nm), while maintaining the constant Cu sublayer thickness (2 nm). The multilayer coatings were characterized by assessing their surface topography using atomic force microscopy and their mechanical
more » ... es with nano-hardness measurements by the Berkovich method. The tests showed that the hardness of multilayers was substantially influenced by the thickness ratio of Cu and Ni sublayers and by surface roughness. The highest hardness and, at the same time, the lowest roughness was exhibited by a multilayer structure with a Cu-to-Ni sublayer thickness ratio of 2:1.5.
doi:10.2478/s11534-011-0055-y fatcat:e3zoqii52zauxjan3i2mu6m5ge