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1879 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
ABBTRALTB : AMERICAN CHEMICAL JOURNAL. 28 1 engaged in the formation of the combinations of the metals and metalloids with oxygen and with the halogens. 'The dernonstration depends partly upon the numerical cornparkon of quantities already known to science, and partly upon the determinatiom made by the author in regard to the heat of formation of bromides and iodides of alumina, tin, arsenic, &c. By comparing the reactions of the halogens and oxygen upon the different metals, it will be seen
more » ... it will be seen that the reciprocal displacements between iodine and oxygen particularly, do not depend on type or atomic formula. The quantity of heat disengaged by the combination of each metal with the element, taken in equivalent weight, is the key to the order of reciprocal displacement. If the heat disengaged in formation is known, the qualities of the reaction will be known, provided, of course, that the appropriate state of existence, solid, liquid, &e., is known, and the degree of stability or dissociation belonging to the body at each temperature.
doi:10.1021/ja02147a626 fatcat:c7jrqfch45fhhlli2ufnbpf2xe