Developmental Theories and Criminometric Methods in Modern Criminology: Analytical Overview

2016 Russian Journal of Comparative Law  
The scientific interest in studying the functional dependence of crime intensity on socioeconomic processes has led to the emergence of contradictory concepts that are based on different hypotheses. The assessment of the merits and disadvantages of developmental theories shows that each research is valid for certain offenses in certain time and conditions due to the nonlinear development of countries. Therefore the context -economic, social and cultural parameters of development and crime
more » ... d be taken into account in order to elaborate the explanatory statements of criminalization. Criminometrics seems to become a scientific brunch engaged in the construction of formal criminological models and their quality evaluation. It creates the possibility to construct models using mathematic methods, separating the essential variables from the inessential ones, identifying variables' dependence (multicollinearity).
doi:10.13187/rjcl.2016.7.38 fatcat:yumveachcnfpdatu3xlagq6e6u