Effect of Laser-Induced Heating on Raman Measurement within a Silicon Microfluidic Channel

Ying Lin, Xinhai Yu, Zhenyu Wang, Shan-Tung Tu, Zhengdong Wang
2015 Micromachines  
When Raman microscopy is adopted to detect the chemical and biological processes in the silicon microfluidic channel, the laser-induced heating effect will cause a temperature rise in the sample liquid. This undesired temperature rise will mislead the Raman measurement during the temperature-influencing processes. In this paper, computational fluid dynamics simulations were conducted to evaluate the maximum local temperature-rise (MLT). Through the orthogonal analysis, the sensitivity of
more » ... nsitivity of potential influencing parameters to the MLT was determined. In addition, it was found from transient simulations that it is reasonable to assume the actual measurement to be steady-state. Simulation results were qualitatively validated by experimental data from the Raman measurement of diffusion, a temperature-dependent process. A correlation was proposed for the first time to estimate the MLT. Simple in form and convenient for calculation, this correlation can be efficiently applied to Raman measurement in a silicon microfluidic channel.
doi:10.3390/mi6070813 fatcat:stqedak3yjdyhoqszkcyunzbkm