Performance Analysis of MAC layer on Saturation Throughput

B Gantaiah
2018 International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology © 2018 IJSRCSEIT   unpublished
My analysis work primarily aims at computing the saturation outturn of the mac layer and targets its improvement. The current study is conducted to look at each Physical and MAC layer protocols to investigate the performance of exciting IEEE 802.11 customary. The Distributed Coordination function (DCF) and point Coordination function (PCF) are the two different categories of the MAC layers that are outlined in the reference paper. The DCF protocol user Carrier Sense Multiple Access with
more » ... n dodging (CSMA/CA) mechanism and is obligatory, whereas PCF is outlined as a choice to support the delivery of the frames of information with in a finite time interval. The DCF protocol in IEEE 802.11 standard defines the procedures in which the medium is shared among stations. DCF that is predicated on CSMA/CA consists of a basic access technique and an elective channel methodology with request-to-send and clear-to-send (CTS).