Application of peroxidase-like activity of anion-exchange resins modified with manganese(III)-tetrakis(sulfophenyl)porphine to determination of glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride

Masaki MIFUNE, Junichi ODO, Noriko MOTOHASHI, Yutaka SAITO, Akimasa IWADO, Yoshimasa TANAKA, Masahiko CHIKUMA, Hisashi TANAKA
1991 Analytical Sciences  
The serum components, glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride, form hydrogen peroxide by corresponding oxidases. The hydrogen peroxide produced was determined by the chromogenic reaction of N, N-diethylaniline and 4-aminoantipyrine catalyzed by an anion-exchange resin modified with Mn(III)-tetrakis(sulfophenyl)porphine (MnTPPSr) in place of peroxidase (POD). The calibration curves obtained by the use of MnTPPSr were linear. The apparent molar absorption coefficients and the relative standard
more » ... ative standard deviations were comparable with those in the POD method. The foreign substances examined did not give any significant interference. MnTPPSr was a good artificial mimesis of peroxidase or immobilized-peroxidase for the determination of some serum components such as glucose.
doi:10.2116/analsci.7.277 fatcat:yjcjj5jxtndzzfxtxmiurx5m5m