Single atom dispersion of silicon as advanced versatile electrode material [post]

Ze Yang, Yuwei Song, Chunfang Zhang, Jianjiang He, Xiaodong Li, Xin Wang, Ning Wang, Changshui Huang, Yuliang Li
2020 unpublished
Silicon (Si) exhibits highest theoretical charge capacity and low discharge potential, but the associated volume expansion cannot be neglected. Here we report a single atom dispersion strategy to prepare a well distributed Si single atom based electrode material, which can effectively inhibit the volume expansion even when the storage sites are fully occupied. The dispersion of Si single atoms are achieved by bonding Si atom with acetylenic carbon atom, forming a three-dimensional diamond-like
more » ... keleton. Owing to the combination of Si and diyne in the stable diamond-like skeleton, the as-prepared material, named as silicon-diamondyne (Si-DY), exhibits extraordinary electrochemical performance. Si-DY has been predicted to exhibit ultrahigh theoretical specific capacity of 3674 mA h g-1, 2810 mA h g-1, and 1945 mA h g-1 in lithium-ion battery (LIB), sodium-ion battery (SIB) and potassium-ion battery (KIB), respectively. Especially, the as-prepared Si-DY samples also achieve very stable measured specific capacity in LIB (2350 mA h g−1), SIB (812 mA h g-1) and KIB (512 mA h g-1), as well as ultra-long cycling stability (up to 5000 charge/discharge cycles). Those excellent results demonstrate the single atom dispersion technology of Si atoms can be an efficient way to prepare high-utilization Si based electrochemical materials.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:qvc36l2vabgqjnb23qmvitrvvi