Teachers Qualification: Status, Experiences And Concerns In A Fourth Class Municipality In Eastern Rizal, Philippines

Julieta ST. Fulgado.
2017 Zenodo  
This research aimed to analyze the status, experiences and concerns of the teachers who teach subjects which mismatch their major subjects. This utilized the Quantitative-Qualitative method involving documentary analysis, survey and interview type. This involved the teacher-respondents considering sex, major and teaching loads. Significant facts were noted on the status, experiences and concerns of teachers teaching subjects that are not their major in consideration of the many aspects of
more » ... ctional delivery. This strongly established that teachers who specialized in major subjects experienced their difficulties in handling subjects that mismatched subject they specialized. Among the findings in the concerns are focused on the availability of modules, availability of e-materials prescribed in the module, upgrading of teachers in the content aspects of the subjects they are teaching, evaluation and feedback of students? performance, enhancement on questioning skills as well as trainings in instructional delivery strategies and instructional material preparations.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1155085 fatcat:sjqezshhjbfkpbua7d66xgo7ca