Les Mines en Alsace-Lorraine. L'Industrie De La Porasse De La Haute-Alsace. Rapport par M. Felix Binder. Dec. 1917. Pp. 94 and 3 maps. (Paris: Ministere de la Guerre.)

P. G. H. Boswell
1919 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
imeny by the large field M investigntion which still remnins to be cultivated. The two reports of the Committee on Colloid Chebistry, hnd more especially the second, deserve to bc rend by nil students hnd workers whether in puke or qplied chctnfstry. Industrial practice, I t must bc confessed, is h t present considerhbly in ndvhllce of ou'r knowledge 6f the underlying princlplcs, nnd i t 1 ' s tlierefore greatly to h desired, in the interests of n more rnpid nnd cconomfcnl industrinl
more » ... dustrinl clevclopment, thnt the theoreticnl foundntions of colloid chemistry should be strengthened. Tile rcports before us, nnd those which will doubtless nppenr in the future, will do much to stimulntc nctivity in this direction, and the Committee of the Britlsh Associntion responsible for tiicir publicntioii deserves the warm grntitude of nll students nnil workers in the domain of colloid chemistry for the valuable service they have rendered to science. -ALEXANDER FINDLAY. ALSATIAN POTASH. LES MINES EN ALSACE-LORRAINE. L'IRDUSTRIE DE LA POTASSE DE LA HAUTE-ALBACE. Rapport par M. Fkix l3xNnEn. Dec. 1017. Pp. 04 utrd 3 maps. (Paris: JlinistSrc de la Querrc.)
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