An attempt to fit all parameters of a dynamical recurrent neural network from sensory neural spiking data [post]

Ozgur Doruk, Kechen Zhang
2018 unpublished
A simulation based study on model fitting for sensory neurons from stimulus/response data is presented. The employed model is a continuous time recurrent neural network (CTRNN) which is a member of models with known universal approximation features. This feature of the recurrent dynamical neuron network models allow us to describe excitatory-inhibitory characteristics of an actual sensory neural network with any desired number of neurons. This work will be a continuation of a previous study
more » ... previous study where the parameters associated with the sigmoidal gain functions are not taken into account. In this work, we will construct a similar framework but all parameters associated with the model are estimated. The stimulus data is generated by a Phased Cosine Fourier series having fixed amplitude and frequency but a randomly shot phase. Various values of amplitude, stimulus component size and sample size are applied in order to examine the effect of stimulus to the identification process. Results are presented in tabular and graphical forms at the end of this text. In addition a comparison of the results with previous researches including will be presented.
doi:10.7287/peerj.preprints.27015 fatcat:nqgexmmjdfd2tk6sse674tljvu