Looking Back

1907 The Lancet  
through the medium of your valuable publication, to draw the attention of the medical profession to cases of angina pharyngea, terminating in suppuration, and frequently the death of the patient, from suffocation. It has hitherto been considered a rare disease, but I am persuaded it is of more general occurrence than medical men imagine; and many lives, no doubt, have been lost, from not discriminating this from the other species of cynanche, combined with which I believe it often occurs.
more » ... the last six months, I have seen two of these cases, in which the medical gentlemen whose care they were under, considered it necessary to perform the operation of bronchotomy. Upon introducing my finger into the back part of the pharynx, I found it very much enlarged, and thought I could perceive a fluctuation. A scalpel was introduced into the tumour, and immediately a large quantity of pus escaped, some of which, of course, passed by the oesophagus into the stomach. I need not add that both patients were immediately relieved, and I have the greatest pleasure in saying they recovered, without a single untoward symptom.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)65096-7 fatcat:nkxiac7tnnflpncvv6wcycibve