Adri Efferi, Dosen Sekolah, Tinggi Agama, Islam Negeri
Conflict in the world of education is seen as one of the weak points in the management of educational institutions. This perspective emerged due to the institution managers view conflict as something negative and counterproductive. The conflict in the organization is directly proportional to the age of the organization, including one of which is the educational institution. Beginning of the conflict can be born of issues that could be considered trivial or simple. However, it is not uncommon to
more » ... be a determinant of lifespan or future survival of an organization for the duration of time much longer. Therefore, need proper management to resolve the conflict. Abstrak Konflik dalam dunia pendidikan dipandang sebagai salah satu titik lemah dalam pengelolaan lembaga pendidikan. Perspektif ini muncul karena pimpinan lembaga melihat konflik sebagai sesuatu yang negatif dan kontraproduktif. Konflik dalam