Adverb of manner and its translations found in the novel "The Good Earth"

I Made Juliarta
2020 International Journal of Linguistics Literature and Culture  
The novel the Good Earth is one of the popular novels that tell the story about Chinese culture. Some sentences contain an adverb of manner and its translation from English into Indonesian. The text is analyzed and viewed to find the translation of the adverb of manner. The purpose of this study is to analyze the source translation and get the meaning and its sentence. As we know that an adverb is a word that changes the meaning of a verb, adjective, and a sentence. Adverbs are words like
more » ... re words like hurriedly, quickly, slowly, and instantly. It modifies a verb or verb phrase. An adverb gives information about the manner, time, place, frequency, or certainty. Adverbials are words groups in which an adverbial phrase tells us something about the verb. They could be taken in the forms of adverbs, adverb phrases, temporal noun phrases or prepositional phrases. Some classifications of adverbial are found in the novel. It is called adverbial of manner. The research aims to find out the translation of manner adverb. The theory used is Brown and Miller (1992) describing that adverb of manner indicating how the event described by the verb.
doi:10.21744/ijllc.v6n3.889 fatcat:ybshxnswwzfaffrqvlhtpikc5m