Antibacterial Activity of Bamboo Extract and its Application in Clinical Dentistry Part 1.Relationship between Concentration of Bamboo Extract and Antibacterial Activity
竹エキスの抗菌性と歯科への応用に関する研究 第1報 竹エキス濃度と抗菌性との関係

1995 The Journal of the Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices  
Keyword :Bamboo extract , S 妙 彑 卿 coccus aureus ,∫舵 ptococcus mutans ,( ) andida albicans , Antibacterial activity , MIC , MBC The study investigated bamboo extract , which was djstilled at 200℃ under a reduced pressure of 20 mmHg , as an antibacterial agent or disinfectant for dental use . Antibacterlal and bactericidal activities of the bamb(,o extract against Stal ) hyloco ( :cus aureus ( S. aureus ) , Streptococcus mu 彦 ans ( S. mzatans ) and Candida albicans ( C. albic α ns ) were examined
more » ... by measuring MIC ( minimum inhibitory concentration )and MBC ( minimum bactericidal concen − trat{ on ) , respectlvely , Then the bamboo extract was tested for tox1cjty when administered orally to mice at a dosage of 2000 mg / kg 、 The MIC of the bamboo extract was 5 % , 0. 625% and 2 . 5 % against S. aureus ,∫. mutan . s and C .α-bicans , respectively . The bactericidal activity was confirmed by MBC , which was nearly cqual to the MIC , against these mlcroorganism , The 5 % bamboo extract exhibited a marked antibacterial arld bactericidai activity against these microorganism . The bamboo extract contained more than 40 components , which were mainly Furans or Phenols. All of the mice were in normal health before and after the toxicjty tests , There was Ilo detectable amount of arsenic , lead or mercury in the bamboo extract . These results suggest that the bamboo extract can be used safely as an antibacterial agent or disinfectant comparable to conventional compounds used for those purpose .
doi:10.18939/jjdm.14.2_219 fatcat:ce45n7yecjbmfbbudqu5jfcpnq