Effect of Various Agents on the Direction of THP-1 Cell Differentiation

Svetlana V. Zubova, Yaroslav V. Radzyukevich, Sergey V. Grachev, Isabela R. Prokhorenko
2018 Serbian Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research  
AbstractThe ability of physiological (1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, retinoic acid) and non-physiological (various LPS) agents and their combinations to influence the direction of promonocytic THP-1 cell differentiation was studied.The differentiating activity of the agents was evaluated by the expression and the ratio of surface receptors (TLR4, CD11b, and CD14) as well as by the change in THP-1 cell phagocytic activity of different degree of differentiation by Flow cytometry.The THP-1 cell
more » ... e THP-1 cell differentiation by VD3 was shown to lead probably to the formation of classical monocytes.Summarizing we can conclude that VD3 induces the THP-1 cells differentiation with the formation of classical monocytes and the sequence of 1α, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and non-toxic LPS R. capsulatus PG causes the THP-1 cells differentiation with the formation of inflammatory or intermediate monocytes.
doi:10.2478/sjecr-2018-0029 fatcat:mwg27u3uebdizfhffy7267j7ni