Hybrid coupling of laser light sources to silicon (oxy) nitride-based waveguides

A. J. T. de Krijger, Herman H. P. T. Bekman, Olivier M. Parriaux, Ernst-Bernhard Kley, Brian Culshaw, Magnus Breidne
1997 Micro-optical Technologies for Measurement, Sensors, and Microsystems II and Optical Fiber Sensor Technologies and Applications  
An efficient m couPle a waveguides' mounted with ing à the nique' An A laserdiode was slab wave nd to a SfuNa (efñciency r¡ -has been f the lifetime mounted laserdiodes. AlGa¡\s (À = 850 nm) Iasers as well as AlGaInP (À -675 nm) lasers were tested' The first results indicate that lifetimes in the rauge 10-30 years are possible for CW operation at 30oC' The la'ser-rvaveguide coupling technique is demonstrated in a sensor platform.
doi:10.1117/12.281219 fatcat:3irbzwxhq5empmm2ywjqgqsyda