The effect of drought stress on self-organisation in a seasonal tropical rainforest

Qinghai Song, Hua Lin, Yiping Zhang, Zhenghong Tan, Junfu Zhao, Junbin Zhao, Xiang Zhang, Wenjun Zhou, Lei Yu, Lianyan Yang, Guirui Yu, Xiaomin Sun
2013 Ecological Modelling  
From late 2009 to 2010, southwestern China experienced a severe drought. We evaluated the selforganisation of a seasonal tropical rainforest in response to drought stress. The forest had the least self-organization in 2010, and during the dry season (March-April) of 2010, the forest was least able to capture exergy (Rn/DR). The rate of long wave radiation (I/DR) loss was highest in 2010. The thermal response number of canopy temperature (TRNc) and Rn/DR showed similar trends and decreased from
more » ... he rainy season to the dry seasons in each of the three years.
doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2013.06.010 fatcat:eyr7bm4kyjfcpnt7b6cakrr4xy