Natural Radioactivity Levels and Some Elements Concentrations in Bauxite Ore Deposit of Az Zobirah Mine-Al Qassim - Saudi Arabia

Safia H. Q. Hamidalddin
2022 Scholars Journal of Physics Mathematics and Statistics  
The activity concentrations of (NORM) radionuclides 226Ra, 232Th and 40K were determined in Bauxite of AzZobirah mine–AlQassim Saudi Arabia using High Pure Germanium detector (HPGe). Bauxite samples concentrations ranged from 72.40±0.07 to 227.21±0.14, from 119.70±0.20 to 310.30±0.10 and from 81.00±0.11to 119.00±0.01 and the average were 67.44, 171.77 and 96.94 Bq/ kg for 226Ra,232Th and 40K respectively., respectively. 226Ra and 232Th average values are higher than the world value 50 and 50
more » ... Kg, while for 40K average is less than the world value 500 226 Bq/ kg. 226Ra concentrations are less than of 232Th, this variations refer to the change and nature in the geological processes in this area such as the 226Ra being more soluble in water. The radiological Radiation hazard indices (Raeq), (D), (AEDE), (Hex), (Hin) were found higher than the world values. By AA Analysis, The concentration average values for nine elements (Al, Ca, Fe, K, Mg, Bi, Pb, Th, U) showed that, the major element is Al (20.50%), minor element is Fe (5.34%), trace elements Ca, K and Mg are (0.05, 0.04 and 0.43) % respectively. Bi is not detected, Pb, Th and U are trace elements with low concentration values (0.0006, 0.0043 and 0.0027) respectively. Bauxite has been most used in industry for producing aluminium. So, the level of pollution, the risk of the activity concentrations of (NORM) and the unacceptable limits levels of health hazard due to natural radioactivity in this area must be taken into consideration. The data will be saved as database to control the possible change in the environment area due to human activities in future.
doi:10.36347/sjpms.2022.v09i04.006 fatcat:i54hs2vcnnfhvlwgzakm6m7eoi