An adaptive hybrid XdeepFM based deep Interest network model for click-through rate prediction system

Qiao Lu, Silin Li, Tuo Yang, Chenheng Xu
2021 PeerJ Computer Science  
Recent advances in communication enable individuals to use phones and computers to access information on the web. E-commerce has seen rapid development, e.g., Alibaba has nearly 12 hundred million customers in China. Click-Through Rate (CTR) forecasting is a primary task in the e-commerce advertisement system. From the traditional Logistic Regression algorithm to the latest popular deep neural network methods that follow a similar embedding and MLP, several algorithms are used to predict CTR.
more » ... is research proposes a hybrid model combining the Deep Interest Network (DIN) and eXtreme Deep Factorization Machine (xDeepFM) to perform CTR prediction robustly. The cores of DIN and xDeepFM are attention and feature cross, respectively. DIN follows an adaptive local activation unit that incorporates the attention mechanism to adaptively learn user interest from historical behaviors related to specific advertisements. xDeepFM further includes a critical part, a Compressed Interactions Network (CIN), aiming to generate feature interactions at a vectorwise level implicitly. Furthermore, a CIN, plain DNN, and a linear part are combined into one unified model to form xDeepFM. The proposed end-to-end hybrid model is a parallel ensemble of models via multilayer perceptron. CIN and xDeepFM are trained in parallel, and their output is fed into a multilayer perceptron. We used the e-commerce Alibaba dataset with the focal loss as the loss function for experimental evaluation through online complex example mining (OHEM) in the training process. The experimental result indicates that the proposed hybrid model has better performance than other models.
doi:10.7717/peerj-cs.716 pmid:34616892 pmcid:PMC8459778 fatcat:2txdlajxejdq3iwbn5flpgp2he