VIII. Extract of a Letter from Col. Sydenham to Lord Macartney, dated St. Thomas' Mount, near Madrass, Oct. 14, 1786. Communicated by Dr. Lort, V.P

1789 Archaeologia  
Your Lordship has probably heard that a number of Roman coins have been lately found in Nellour Country. The story is this. A labourer in ploughing some ground found himself obstructed by something which he perceived to be a square building of brick or stone. Having the curiosity to penetrate further he came to a small pot containing several pieces of gold. By some means it reached the ears of the renter, who reported it to the Durbar, and the money was ordered to be sent to Madrass. To the
more » ... Madrass. To the great astonishment of the Eastern world, they proved to be Roman coins of different Emperors, the impression of many as perfect and fresh as new. Some had holes bored in them, as if designed as an ornament to be worn round the neck, while on others the impression was nearly effaced. There were about 40. The Ameer gave one to each of his particular friends.
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