Training Based Channel Estimation for Multitaper GFDM System

Shravan Kumar Bandari, Venkata Mani Vakamulla, A. Drosopoulos
2017 Mobile Information Systems  
Recent activities in the cellular network world clearly show the need to design new physical layer waveforms in order to meet future wireless requirements. Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing (GFDM) is one of the leading candidates for 5G and one of its key features is the usage of circular pulse shaping of subcarriers to remove prototype filter transients. Due to the nonorthogonal nature of the conventional GFDM system, inherent interference will affect adversely channel estimation.
more » ... nnel estimation. With Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences (DPSSs) or multitapers as prototype filters an improved orthogonal GFDM system can be developed. In this work, we investigate channel estimation methods for multitaper GFDM (MGFDM) systems with and without Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). The simulation results are presented using Least Squares (LS) and Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE) channel estimation (CE) methods. DFT based CE methods provide better estimates of the channel but with an additional computational cost.
doi:10.1155/2017/4747256 fatcat:e6ylz56pxvbq3kgtmijthacveq