Epidemiological studies on animal and human trichinellosis in Estonia

T. Järvis, I. Miller, E. Pozio
2001 Parasite  
From 1992 to 1999, muscle samples from 814 sylvatic animals and 1,173 domestic and synanthropic animals were collected in 15 districts of Estonia ; the prevalence of trichinellosis ranged from 1.0 % to 79.4 % for sylvatic animals and from 0.6 % to 24.5 % for domestic or synanthropic animals and for animals from furbearing farms. The most important reservoirs of Trichinella in nature were the raccoon dog, the red fox, the lynx and the wolf. Three species of Trichinella (T. spiralis, T. nativa,
more » ... ralis, T. nativa, and T. britovi) were identified by several types of PCR-based analyses. Meat from sylvatic animals was the main source of Trichinella infection for humans.
doi:10.1051/parasite/200108s2086 pmid:11484393 fatcat:ht65dadjlng6zksc2qak37g3ge