Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Germinated Glycine max Merr Soybeans

Dam Huh, Man-Jong Bae, Deok-Jo Jo, Jung-Ok Kim, Kyung-Ae Lee, Gee-Dong Lee
2007 Preventive Nutrition and Food Science  
To investigate the applicability as the functional food materials of germinated Glycine max Merr soybeans, its biochemical characteristics and its abilities to inhibit platelet aggregation and hydrolyze alcohol were examined. With the progression of germination time, crude protein content gradually increased, and on the 5th day of germination it was 30.19%. However, crude fat content tended to decrease, and on the 5th day of germination it was 14.30%. Total amino acid content was highest on the
more » ... 3rd day of germination at 80,875 mg%. The free amino acid content doubled from day 0 of germination (1,273.35 mg%) until the 5th day of germination (2,742.99 mg%). Fatty acid analysis revealed that linoleic acid was highest among all the samples, ranging from 53.55~56.00%. Linolenic acid content slightly increased as the germination period was prolonged. The ability to inhibit platelet aggregation increased according to the germination period and then decreased again on the 5th day of germination; it was somewhat higher in the ethanol fraction. In measuring ADH, we found that the activity of the ethanol fraction increased with increasing days of germination. In the case of the water fraction, the activity decreased as germination was prolonged, and the ADH activity of the water fraction was higher than that of the ethanol fraction. Based on the above results, we deemed that the Glycine max Merr soybeans germinated for 2~3 days were most pertinent for use as functional food materials.
doi:10.3746/jfn.2007.12.4.209 fatcat:yn4igqpmbjggrhle75t75mntl4