Photoluminescence emission through thin metal films via coupled surface plasmon–polaritons

S. Wedge *, S. H. Garrett, I. Sage, W. L. Barnes
2005 Journal of Modern Optics  
We present experimental results showing the variation in photoluminescence from an organic material emitted through a thin metal film as successive dielectric overlayers are added to the far side of the metal. The intensity of the emission from the structure is examined as the surface plasmon-polariton (SPP) modes associated with the two metal surfaces evolve with increasing overlayer thickness from individual to coupled SPP modes. The SPP modes are scattered to produce light by the addition to
more » ... by the addition to the metal film of wavelength-scale periodic microstructure. We show that the addition of a dielectric overlayer of an appropriate thickness to the metal film is accompanied by an increase in the intensity of the emission by a factor of 3 over a similar structure with no dielectric overlayer, and by a factor of 50 over a similar planar structure. We show that this increase in emission is mediated via coupled SPP modes.
doi:10.1080/09500340512331309066 fatcat:oi6bnjn7vre5pdapjz3e3xy7gu