The End of the Retirement "Age": How the New World of Work Is Transforming the Old World of Retirement [chapter]

Veronica Sheen
2020 Who Wants to Retire and Who Can Afford to Retire? [Working Title]  
The nature of work is undergoing fundamental transformation in the twentyfirst century with drivers including digitalization, automation, and new forms of work organization. This chapter explores how the concept of retirement itself is increasingly redundant in relation to the new world of work. Of course, working lives inevitably do come to an end, but for whom, and at what point, and under what personal and social financial conditions, is this end point? Many people will want, and be required
more » ... nt, and be required by public policy, to continue their working lives well into later life. In addition, the new dynamics of work and employment unfolding may enable this later life engagement. But in the "post-work" world predicted by many scholars, will later life employment be a possibility for them, and even for many people in their middle and younger years? This chapter explores the implications of the future of work for how traditional models of working lives and retirement need to be restructured and examines the one vital reform to ensure everyone can sustain a decent life in the new highly volatile world of work.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.92273 fatcat:2yjjv676jjd2xey64yz3n2xk3y