Kültürel Kimlik ve Toplumsal Hafıza Mekânları Olarak Ziyaret Yerleri

Muammer AK
2018 Turkish Studies  
One of the most important characteristics of the Turkish people's religiosity is the visit to certain places. This phenomenon, Anatolia, deposits, tombs, quarries, saints, grandparents, etc.. and the place where people are referred to as holy places by the people. It is possible to see traces of pre-Islamic Turkish beliefs and cultures in the background of the visit religiousness. It is also seen that these beliefs and practices are combined with the Turkish mystic culture and gain a different
more » ... d gain a different dimension and meaning. Societies saw the individual and the collective identity it feeds as an important tool for the preservation and continuity of their assets. In this context, the places of visit can be considered as places where cultural memory is kept alive. Because mysticism is not only classified as a religious field, it is a philosophy, idea, architecture, literature, art, music, the establishment of cities, has created a way of thinking and lifestyle that guides about social life. In addition, lodges and sects have presented a new vision, hope and paradigm for collecting, building an awareness and undertaking important tasks in establishing a bridge between past, present and future. Again, we must state that the tombs and monks have a wide range of influences in influencing, influencing, forming mentality, keeping cultural codes and building an identity. It seems that earlier studies on visiting phenomenology focus on the religious dimension of the phenomenon more, not on the social, cultural and identity construction aspect of the subject. This article focuses on the role of places of visit in the formation of cultural identity and keeping social memory alive. The phenomenon of visit is evaluated by the phenomenological point of view. For a better understanding of the subject, concepts such as cultural identity, social memory and visitation belief are first explained. Later on, the role of visiting places in the construction of identity and the keeping of social memories was emphasized. STRUCTURED ABSTRACT Muammer AK Turkish Studies Volume 13/3, Winter 2018
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.12936 fatcat:omg3cknccnd6pnf4vjdtgz2ura