Trade notes

1920 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
B cnnbling the refineries t o work nt full cnpncity and reduco working costs; vory important dovelopnicnts ivcro to bo crpcctcd in this conncxion. Thc snlo and distribution of by-products by tho Scottish Oil Bgoncy, Ltd., wero being successfully cnrricd ant, nnd nn orrnngomcnt botlwcn this ngoncy Cnd tho British Pctroloum nnd Honiclight compnnics, whereby tho tn-0 lnttcr I V O U I~ nct for tho former in Eiiglnnd nnd Jrclnnd, hnd hccn coniplctcd. Thc of sulphntc of nmmollia n.N) ill tllo hands
more » ... N) ill tllo hands of tho Sulplinte of Animonin Federation, Ltd. (cf. company hnd tnkcii n. lending part. The Scottish oil J., 1920, 20ga), i n tho f o r m n~~o n of ",lljch tho REVIEW. and nniiunl profitR hnvo nrcrnged €30,000 for tho lnst four years. €50,000 six por cent. deberiturcs nro now offcrd for subscription n t €92 per ccnt., , making tho bnlnnco of n totnl issue of ;ClOO, OOO. The dobentures nro rcpnynhlo nt pnr by nnnunl drnwings, tho nmonnt t o bo nllocntod t o rcdomption being cqunl t o 8 pcr c c~~t . during 1919 ivcro vnlucd n t €2,240,103 (at normnl oxchnngo), of wliicli tho United StnteR provided about 72 p r cent. and tlio Uliitcd Kingdom 18 por cont. Tho vnltrcs of some of tho chicf import8 wero :-Iron rnnnufnctiirq €191,894 ; coppor mnnufnctures, €7097; glnss nnd pottery, Z29,741; drpgs. and mcdicines, f: 9.914; pnpcr, Efi0,053. Tho principnl exports included:-Cnstor oil, 31,659 Ib.; 6UgarJ 11,335,919 lb. i vegotnblo fibre, 98,570 lb.; rubber, 18,340 Ib. ; nllncrnl products, 3,711,OGO Ib. FOOD LVSIWCTIOS Asn hALS6ls. By A. E. LEACII. Revised arid enlarged l!r A. L. WISTON. Fourth edition. Pp. low, rcith ~1 1 plates. (New Pork: John Il'ilcy and Sons, lric.; London: Chapman and Uall, Ltd. 1920.) Z'ricc 45s. NOTES ON CIIEMICAL RESKARCII. nu W. P. DRRAPER. Second edition. L'p. 193. (Loncforr: <J. iml A . Churchill. 19%.) l'rjre 7.7. Gtl. feentlt edition. Z'p. 1116. (Lo~iclo~r: If. li. Lewis and Co., Ltd. 1920.) Price 27s. TEOIINO-CI~EMICAI~ RECEIPT Boos. By W. T. BRANNT and W. H. WAUL. l'p. 510,. (London: Ilorlder and Stoughton. 1919.) I'rrcc 15s. K r x r s E s I'RAKTIIiUx I ) E I~ kror.r.orI)crrRsfiE. 71y PIIOF. \\'or4~c.\sa OSTWALI) orld 1'. \Vor,sKI. P p . 159. (Ilrestfen t t~i d Leipziiy: Thcodor Sleinkop/f. 1920.) Price 18 7nurEs. ltccue A nalvf ique cfcs l'irblications Tcchniqucs Pranraises c f IZtranl/hs. Pt. I . Pp. 190. (Puris: 40, r u e de Scinc.) P n c c 6 francr.
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