On maximality in Mandarin possessives

Chyan-an Arthur Wang
2019 Concentric. Studies in Linguistics  
The possessive construction in Mandarin is similar to English prenominal possessives except that maximality is presupposed only for cases involving inherently relational nouns. In this paper, I adopt the hypothesized split of argument and modifier genitives proposed by Partee & Borschev (2001, 2003) and argue that modifier-genitives can occur NP-internally in Mandarin possessives, whose appearance is restricted to cases with non-relational nouns. The discrepancy of the maximality presupposition
more » ... lity presupposition observed in Mandarin can thus be captured since non-relational nouns can have a split of interpretations between argument and modifier genitives, resulting in a non-maximality reading.
doi:10.1075/consl.00002.wan fatcat:hi7drcjmczg5tmumkwcrbuktuq