Expression analysis of a mouse orthologue of HSFY, a candidate for the azoospermic factor on the human Y chromosome

Keigo Kinoshita, Toshikatsu Shinka, Youichi Sato, Hiroki Kurahashi, Hiroe Kowa, Gang Chen, Mayumi Umeno, Kazunori Toida, Emi Kiyokage, Takuro Nakano, Susumu Ito, Yutaka Nakahori
2006 Journal of Medical Investigation  
Heat shock transcription factor on Y (HSFY) is located in one of three candidate regions for azoospermic factor (AZF), AZFb on the Y chromosome. We and others have already revealed that some azoospermic males are missing the regions of the Y chromosome including HSFY. Previously, we showed that murine HSFY-likesequence mHSFYL (Riken cDNA 4933413G11Rik) , which is the mouse orthologue of HSFY, is exclusively expressed in testis. The sequences encoding the presumed DNA-binding domain in HSFY and
more » ... domain in HSFY and mHSFYL were found in other mammals such as dogs, cows and chickens. To elucidate mHSFYL expression in the testes in detail, we carried out in situ hybridization. mHSFYL was predominantly expressed in round spermatids. Furthermore, we clarified the intracellular distribution of mHSFYL in COS1 cells with HA-or GFP-tagged proteins. Both HA-mHSFYL and GFP-mHSFYL were located in the nucleus. Our results suggest that HSFY/mHSFYL may have evolutionarily conserved functions for spermatogenesis.
doi:10.2152/jmi.53.117 pmid:16538004 fatcat:f3wp4ib4ibdctppwjauci5aiee