The Crisis of Modernity in The Works of Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss. Differences That Clarify Common Problems

Dolores Amat
2019 Las Torres de Lucca  
Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss were contemporary with each other; they shared courses, readings and taught at the same universities. Their lives were also affected by the same historical events, both tried to understand the crisis of Modernity, and the same thinkers and philosophical ideas influenced their works. However, their conclusions differ completely and understanding both their coincidences and their differences can illuminate not only the specificities of two of the most important works
more » ... ost important works of political thought of last century, but also some of the political and theoretical alternatives of our time. Thus, this work aims to show some of the most significant coincidences and differences of Arendt and Strauss, particularly those related to their understandings of the crisis of their time and its consequences.
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