Creep-Damage Modelling for Micro Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers Lifetime Prediction

Daniele Cirigliano, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Herol Lawerence D'Souza, Felix Grimm, Peter Kutne, Manfred Aigner, Ruhr University-Bochum, German Aerospace Center (DLR), German Aerospace Center (DLR), German Aerospace Center (DLR)
2022 Proceedings of Global Power & Propulsion Society   unpublished
Micro Gas Turbines (MGTs) are nowadays largely used for electrical and thermal energy production in small buildings and households. Their reliability and compactness allow them to operate for thousands of hours with minimal maintenance. However, the long exposure at high temperatures in combustion chambers can promote creep, which can induce thermal fatigue and potential failure of these components. Creep-induced damage in MGTs has not yet been thoroughly investigated, due to the lack of
more » ... al tools able to model these strongly coupled phenomena. This study presents the development of a Fortran-based subroutine integrated into ANSYS APDL. The code allows for a life assessment based on the Lemaitre- Chaboche creep damage model. Secondary creep and stress relaxation are modeled for the high-temperature resistant alloy Inconel718. A new set of temperature-dependent parameters for the Norton equation is provided, and the method to obtain these parameters from creep rupture tests is outlined. The model is validated and shows good agreement with experimental data. The subroutine correctly reproduces visco-plasticity, stress relaxation and damage under typical MGTs operating temperatures. This model constitutes the foundation of a life-assessment analysis for combustion chambers. The results highlight the impact of temperature and creep on the component's life and the importance of integrating life assessment analysis into the preliminary design of combustion chambers.
doi:10.33737/gpps22-tc-3 fatcat:eiz32hyhrzbh3k2itf54ptkh5u