Y-DNA of the British Monarchy

Bradley T Larkin
2013 Surname DNA Journal  
A review was made of existing genetic genealogy findings that infer characteristics of the Y-DNA of members of the British Monarchy. Nine (9) sustained Y-DNA lineages since the year 927 CE were noted as dynastic groups. Haplogroup and haplotype characteristics of three of the dynasties were presented with two more dynasties noted as testable but unpublished. Cultural and geographical origins of these dynasties were considered as context for their DNA haplogroups. Specimen candidates for further
more » ... testing were identified noting that some will require Ancient DNA (aDNA) recovery and analysis. Genetic genealogy using Y-DNA focuses on the portion of the Y-chromosome which passes from father to son with only rare mutations. While many think of the throne of the British monarchy being passed in the same way, that crown has undergone some 'non-linear' transitions over its long history. Counting those transitions which yielded adult heirs to the throne, there have been nine (9) different Y-DNA dynasties in the 1,086 years since Aethelstan became the first King of England in 927 CE.
doi:10.14487/sdna.000675 fatcat:ws5nnz4uzzhb3i5t7abgpap3ku