Low temperature magnetic properties of Nd2Ru2O7

S T Ku, D Kumar, M R Lees, W-T Lee, R Aldus, A Studer, P Imperia, S Asai, T Masuda, S W Chen, J M Chen, L J Chang
2018 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter  
We present magnetic susceptibility, heat capacity, and neutron diffraction measurements of polycrystalline Nd2Ru2O7 down to 0.4 K. Three anomalies in the magnetic susceptibility measurements at 146, 21 and 1.8 K are associated with an antiferromagnetic ordering of the Ru4+ moments, a weak ferromagnetic signal attributed to a canting of the Ru4+ and Nd3+ moments, and a long-range-ordering of the Nd3+ moments, respectively. The long-range order of the Nd3+ moments was observed in all the
more » ... nts, indicating that the ground state of the compound is not a spin glass. The magnetic entropy of Rln2 accumulated up to 5 K, suggests the Nd3+ has a doublet ground state. Lattice distortions accompany the transitions, as revealed by neutron diffraction measurements, and in agreement with earlier synchrotron x-ray studies. The magnetic moment of the Nd3+ ion at 0.4 K is estimated to be 1.54(2)μB and the magnetic structure is all-in all-out as determined by our neutron diffraction measurements.
doi:10.1088/1361-648x/aab398 pmid:29498360 fatcat:njl6vyxsdrdgjhajkgblv5fyti