British Medical Journal

1894 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Bwlto to 4' etoral , ourna l. f' \ \' \11.11'( l'yll(N.l\ll. ' f tIX .,11 l(ett",-,s,ill ti (l lty thl I 'llVvl-sity fi fultt"ll; at110w It to appol)ilit ;ln -In' to) siit lllpotl tilo' l^actilties ,y rit'rlt. Techr t'l l.III st'11l n wlit l Schools01. .I(1n Ilittt'ldl! as 4Xschoo of tll I w I Ierity art, on I y t) 1h. t 'niversity tvachers->;() or mvinb'ers of :l1t Faclty hy> gracet t of theX " re*'1'11lltioii of th, Aet.tdcniie (onc tl;i, al 4 It'VO)"ntitionl .l1liell, it
more » ... nl .l1liell, it SCA111.s, the ('z,unceil is .,t i'ull li)>wslty to wcitl:lr.lm. for allly rea.son tilat it nitily approve.b It is ii(st surprXi.sinli the repreltsenltativeb conilnittee of the ined(icallschools; of Londone sliould havxeb had,. tiis qiuest ion under iiiost -erlious e onsideras-tioD. as ive under(st.lindl is thcits 1e^. Tl'lis prlovsibion. wolildl ceta^tinily seem to pslace it inl thle I)mver of the Aealdemioi fifteenl practietally to ex.\tiiit,fuis;li .lDy olne of tile schlools IN'liat teacliers, a,rainl, of tleb phlysicall sciencees included in tlle me-dical cul-riculum sli<all J)v^members of the F'aculty (of Mledicine e Thlese aii(d other similar qluestionls, not writliout imp)ort.ant bearingt oii the views of inledical edllication enlte rtaniled inl thef Unliversity, are qute stionls tlice settlemenIt of w^liieli oiiee ii-lore is to b)e leXft to thle all-psowerful fiftkei, aition(tst wliom our professionl is to claimn so few. AN'e by iio me^ans obj(ect I)er .se to a ce nsorship) over unix ersi ty teacheXrs in medicine; we rega,(rd it, on tlle contrary, as a p)rovisionl of a salultary nature; bout it is oine tllat we tlliink wouldl be bebtter placed iI1 t}eliaiiRIds of a body more judicial and ltess open to chlarges of p)artil-Ility tllan a small professorial committese, w}lose members, in many cases, will be tlle rivrals of tlle vrery men of w}1ose *1ual;ifiations it iS pro-
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